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Meet Nomad 5G

The All-in-One Private 5G
+ Edge Computing Kit

A portable plug & play Private 5G in-a-box network, fully customizable,  shipped to anywhere in the world!


What is Nomad 5G?

The Nomad 5G powered by Neutroon is a ready to deploy 5G + Edge + WIFI in-a-box network with all hardware and software components pre-integrated and tested. With Nomad 5G you can start enjoying your own Private 5G stand-alone network in a matter of minutes. No integration costs and no special skills needed.

We assemble the box in Barcelona, Spain, according to your specific needs by leveraging the growing Neutroon vendor ecosystem. The solution is then shipped in a flight case, completely pre-provisioned and pre-configured, for a real plug & play experience.

The Neutroon Nomad 5G is the right solution if you are planning to deploy fast and economical
proof-of-concepts for your company or your future customers.

a mobile phone, several servers and routers and wifi access point and other devices

What is the purpose of Nomad 5G?

The general output of our product is to democratize access to Neutroon Private 5G network with a simple
Plug & Play technology. At the same time, once all the hardware has been set up, the customer will be able to have access to the Neutroon Cloud Platform, where the company will be able to control and monitor all the devices, as well as the users activity, create new slices
and manage add-on applications.

illustration of different electronic devices connected to a server

Why choosing the Nomad 5G

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Compact solution

icon showing the wifi symbol

Tested network

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No 5G skills needed

plug and play icon, symbolizing a connection

Plug & Play installation

icon of a cloud with connections coming out of it

Enabled by Neutroon Cloud Platform


Key Components inside the box

  • Server for Core network, Server(s) for Edge computing apps

  • Switch

  • Gateway Router

  • Indoor Small Cells

  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS),
    Power Distribution,  
    Internal Power Supply System

  • Wi-Fi Access Points

the process

The Nomad 5G in 5 steps



Order a Nomad 5G using our configuration tool

illustration of the mobile phone with the screen of an order being placed


Plug it

Receive the Nomad 5G, plug its power cable and connect it to the internet

closed nomad 5g box illustration


Turn it On

You plug all the devices to the 220V socket with the power cable, connect the devices to the network with the ethernet cable, turn on the devices and the process of configuration starts


Get into the NCP

Access the NCP with your credentials and activate the service

illustration of a dashboard with the title infrastructure



You can now use your Nomad 5G to connect devices and deploy 5G-optimized edge apps in Neutroon Hyperslices™

illustration of several windows of an app, showing a map
nomad 5g

Use cases

assembly line in a car factory in the background and a wifi symbol in the foreground

Smart Manufacturing

Showcasing Industrial applications as AGVs, AR/VR, Digital Twins, IoT, non-invasive monitoring, etc, without the necessity to modify the existing connectivity infrastructure

Two people in scrubs with virtual reality glasses in a surgery room

Smart Surgery

Surgery rooms and hospitals are sensitive environments often not offering sufficient connectivity capabilities to support advanced cyber-physical systems or robots for tele-surgery. Nomad 5G is a
non-invasive solution that can be placed alongside the existing IT infrastructure without altering it and providing state of the art connectivity

view of a modern industrial warehouse in the background with fluorescent illustrations imitating algorithms in the foreground

Cognitive tracking

Cobots and Smart AGVs sharing the workspace with human operators need a cognitive layer for a smarter task scheduling. The edge computing capabilities embedded into the Nomad 5G allow to test the AI cognitive algorithm without the necessity of extra hardware, and with connectivity to the cloud

High Voltage substation with illustration of smart connections

Smart Grids

High Voltage substation, wind farms, and other utilities are often located in remote areas and are not equipped with the right infrastructure to host a static private network. Nomad 5G offers them an all-in-one solution for connectivity, easy to deploy in small spaces, with no need of pre-existing infrastructure

A female worker with a yellow reflective vest, hard hat and goggles and a laptop in hand at what looks like a construction site

Smart Construction

Construction sites cannot host traditional Private 5G infrastructure, they need a robust, portable, and flexible solution that can be quickly deployed on site, providing the connectivity and computational capabilities to host applications ensuring worker’s safety as well as helping them in their job

A drone spraying a green field

Rural areas

Providing advanced connectivity to areas that are not reached by any infrastructure is challenging and expensive. Nomad 5G represents a cheap alternative for
stand-alone deployments able to serve wide areas such vineyards, orchards, groves, and isolated locations

Two firefighters in uniform using a tablet

Emergency scenarios

Rapid deployment of connectivity solutions after natural disasters and emergency scenarios is of upmost importance. Nomad 5G can provide stable and reliable connectivity helping the rescuing of people, and recovery of damaged areas. It is also suitable for field hospital and basecamps