Private LTE/5G as-a-Service

for Industry 4.0, private venues and smart cities​

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The Neutroon software allows to easily setup and manage shared vendor-agnostic 5G networks

5G as a Service​(5GaaS)

Easily share 5G infrastructure across tenants in a dynamic and virtual manner, with detailed monitoring and control​

Automated slicing​

Automation will be key to dynamically configure 5G networks, and lower OPEX. ​

OpenRAN compatible​

Full compatibility with OpenRAN and ETSI standards to lower TCO and Time-to-Market


Neutral host providers

Neutroon makes it easy for CSPs, TowerCo, cities, rural areas and any infrastructure owner to design, orchestrate and manage services in a shared 5G network with dynamic slicing capabilities


Enterprise 5G

We help companies that are taking the leap into Industry 4.0 to setup and easily manage private 5G networks to exploit all the data coming from IoT deployment


Private 5G hosts

Stadiums, airports, concert halls, outdoor events, hospitals and others willing to monetize own 5G infrastructure and  provide a unique 5G experience to their visitors

Neutroon is a highly disruptive deep tech startup with the mission of taking the NHP technology developed by i2cat during the past 3 years to the mass market. It is currently being incubated by The Collider, a leading tech transfer program from the Mobile World Capital organization

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